Recommended Reading: Landing Page Optimization

Recommended Reading: Landing Page Optimization

This is a long but entertaining and informative read by Oli Gardner about landing page best practices with a lot of helpful copywriting tips.  Here is an overview of some of the copywriting concepts he covers:

Message Match – Ensuring language consistency in your landing page headline and the clicked ad that preceded it

Gardner uses a paid search example here – a channel where copy continuity is crucial.  The paid search audience is unique in that they are looking for something very specific.  If they don’t find what they are looking for on the landing page right away, they are likely to drop off.  Having landing page copy that closely matches the PPC ad that was clicked on is a crucial tactic to hold the audience’s attention.

Conversation Momentum – Creating a positive and friendly experience on a landing page to show the user that you care.

The overall landing page tone should be conversational, expressing gratitude for the user visit with copy that gets to the point quickly and warmly sets a user down the conversion path.

Providing the Right Context – Understanding the mindset of the visitor targeted and then communicating appropriately.

This is also something that’s very relevant in paid search where keyword data allows PPC marketers to infer what stage of the buying cycle a user is in.

For example, someone who searches for a non-branded term is likely in the research phase and would respond better to a more informative landing page with softer language and a “Learn More” call to action.

Someone who searches on a branded term is already familiar with the brand so it’s more appropriate to do the “hard” sell.  This could include details on pricing, customer testimonials and a “Buy Now” call to action.

Importance of the Headline & Call to Action – The headline is typically the first thing a user sees when a user gets to a landing page so it must be compelling and interesting enough to grab users and incentivize them the read the rest of the page.

The call to action must be equally compelling and should be the final incentive to get a user to click.

Overall, there’s lot’s of good stuff here that’s worth the time investment!